September . . .

COMPETITION TIME ! . . .  ok so i've been using my stand mixer so much with all your fantastic orders it's only gone and broke on me!!!! Bad news But good news too as i get to buy a new one now and NOW i'm going to treat myself and buy the Granddaddy of all Mixers! . . . :) :) :)  I'm talking about the Kitchenaid of course! . .  and i thought why not have some fun with it and get you lovely lot involved i mean it's all your orders that helped get me here isn't it so here we are the Competition is . . . 

What Colour will i choose ???????? take a look on my Social pages Crafty Bakes at Sorrentis on Facebook and Instagram to see all the information and the results will be posted soon good luck to all and thanks L

August 19th . . .

Hey ya'll how you doin ?. . .  We are all missing our Families so much it's just not fair we can't go into each others houses etc how are you all coping with it? talking through windows, over fence panels and people are learning how to use the internet in their 60s, People are Zooming, Skyping and standing in line to get 1 toilet role each ! oh my goodness when will it end . . .  stay safe everyone much love L

August  6th . . .

Helloooooo! . . . So how's your lockdown been going ?? . . . what have you been up to? we have been very busy with the garden although we were only meant to be doing the decking . . . BUT it turned into the whole Garden being Landscaped . . . :0{ . . .  Anyway it looks AMAZING! i love it so all good :) . . . And WOW can i say how overwhelmed i feel at the response of my foods service you have all been amazing thanks so much for keeping me so busy love you all L x

July 22nd  . . .

Dear Dad. . .  it's your 2nd Birthday in Heaven and we miss you so much, looking at your picture everyday watching videos and reading messages from you and the kids had your message to us saying that you were alright and you loved us and off to bed sweet dreams put into a Build a bear so all i have to do is hold the hand and give it a squeeze and there you are talking to me . . . it's one of the most precious things i have, thanks so much my darling Children Haydn, Jordn and Chloe love you all with all my heart for always a million kisses . . . Goodnight Dad god bless sweet dreams ring if you need me love you L x  

July 16th . . .

Sooooo who wants to know what we've been up to ??? we've been bombarded with Orders for Afternoon tea chests and Sicilian Platters AND your LOVING my Cannoli and Arancini ! OH. .  MY . . GOD! bet i've sold over 500 Cannoli in the last month lol thank you all . . . my Lovelies L x

June 25th . . .

Wow what a mad last few days  we've had . . . it was out Daughters Birthday and Fathers Day it's been Crazy good thanks for all your Orders need few days breather now though lol love to all L x

June 2nd . . .

I've Got it! . . .

Why didn't i think of this before now ????. . . I was getting quite worried as i was not getting many orders in for cakes and i actually thought my lovely little Business i've been working so hard to build was going to go under :( But then EUREKA! i will offer my Foods to people as in Afternoon teas, Sicilian Platters, Sicilian Cannoli and Arancini . . . all the things i was planning on doing for when i opened my Coffee house (Why did i think i could only do them foods when i opened my shop??) i do not know but Lockdown had me cornered and i'm glad to say i came out fighting!! . . . . Stay tuned for more info L  x

May . . .

Hey how's everyone?. . . So i've been doing some worrying and panicking as i Bake Cakes and with the Lockdown no one is having birthdays!!!!!! . . . .What am i going to do ??????. . . What's with the tissue, Pasta gate????? . . .  Answers on a postcard please :(   L x                    

April. . .

Soooo how have you all been so very sorry i've been A.W.O.L. since Christmas we've been re-doing the house, had a few days away and one of the biggest things I (NEARLY SIGNED FOR A SHOP!!!!!!)  AHHHH  which in itself is a massive AHHH but as it happens it wasn't quite right so days and i mean DAYS before all this started with the Covid-19 we turned it down . . .  But could you imagine if we had of signed for it we would f had an empty shop and nothing to do with it as everything is on Lockdown so our Guardian Angels are looking after us for sure! god bless them and thank you so much . . . 

        So yeah i've been making lots of Cakes and lots more plans and soon as this is all over i want to move into a cosy little Studio and start working more on my Workshops building my base up and then i'll start to look to open my Coffee House so excited i just can't wait! . . .  So what have you all been up to i'd love to know please drop me a line and let me know thanks talk soon Lorraine Stay in Stay safe guys L  xxxxxx 

January 1st. . .

Soooooo how was your Christmasssss! and New Year!!!! . . Hope it was a fabulous one and you had everything your hearts desired . . . We had a busy one with all the famiglia round and I cooked for everyone on New year's Day . . . It was our first year without our beloved Dad missed him so much as i do everyday I know he was with us in our hearts still and always will be celebrating together god bless our dear Dad x

We wished our lovely nonna a very Happy 96th Birthday too! January 4th that's her in the 3rd picture along in the middle of my Dad, Mom, my Sisters and me god bless her L x

Well hello January 2020!


December 2019 . . .

Right so 2019 is coming to an end our tree is up, presents are being wrapped and Oohh I can't wait to smell that christmas dinner yum yum!!!!! . . . There's big plans for Crafty Bakes at Sorrentis for the New year so watch this space! :) . . . . I have a few cakes to finish off this month and some admin work and that's me finished for the year i will still try and post over Christmas when i get few minutes it's always a busy time for us we have a big famiglia and love to get together so have a wonderful Christmas and a Great New Year thank you for all your support guys and i'll see you all in the new year lots of love Lorraine and Famiglia  Xx

November 30th and December 1st . . .

So we're back in the Mander Centre for the Christmas Artisan fair 2 full long days meeting lots of lovely people and selling lots of Cakes got to say though the Cannolis went FAST! , . . lol . . . .  Great day and now we need to get ready for Christmas when will you be putting your Tree up ???  Ours is going up next week ! yippy . . . . Some pictures below of the day . . .L x


November 28th . . .

It's Christmas time at OldTree Nursery we made some fabulous things, a 2020 Balloon Calendar made with our fingerprints , paper chains and christmas cards! it was a fun day and i even got a big bear hug from them all at the end ah how nice, thanks for having me again see you all in the new year have a great Christmas guys . . .x


November . . .

Busy making Cakes and planning this next few weeks and Celebrating my Husband's 50th Birthday I made him a Storyboard Cake of things he likes Coca Cola, MR2 Car, and werther's originals sweets, hope your november is going well . . .x

November 8th . . .

I've had a lovely time training in London what a great City,  i've met some lovely people and learned some great things that I'm looking forward to passing  onto you all in our new Workshops that will be coming in the New year so keep your eyes peeled!!! . . . So for now thank you London I enjoyed it immensely heres a few pictures below showing some of things i did, till next time . . .  L orraine


November 4th . . .

London Baby!!!!! . . . . So I'm off to London for a whole week for a Cookery Course at Little Portland st Cookery School can't wait! . . . look out for updates x


October 31st . . .

Hey what a FAB day we had today we  we're in the Mander Centre again today for Halloween! . . .  We were making spooky Face Masks and Ooey Gooey Scary Slime! the Children did an amazing job just look at their wonderful work, there's lots more pictures on my Facebook and Instagram pages but have a look at these below, and as always it was great to see so many returning customers so till next time my lovelies  x


October 29th & 30th . . .

I'm so pleased to be back with these guys we have 2 whole days of crafting for Halloween! lots of Spookley things goings on at Old Tree Nursery just have a look at what we made they did so well we had a fabulous time, they made me jump in on the picture with them this they put me time right in the middle bless thanks for asking me back and look forward to seeing you for our Christmas Crafternoon! x  

October 11th . . .

Cakes on the go here at Crafty Bakes at Sorrentis and here's one that's just gone our to a special 21 year old Alicia have a fantastic day x 

October 9 th . . .

A very Happy Anniversary to my Husband John 26 years married. . .Thank you for all that you do for us we Love and cherish you, . . .  We are having a lovely famiglia meal tonight maybe a few games, looking forward to it x


Hello October . . . Fall has Landed!


September 29th 

Hey! . . . So yesterday I did the Artisan fair in the Mander Centre, it was a good day met some lovely people and got to try out some new things have a look what do you think ?

September 10th . . . 

Hey ya'll  

heads up I'll be in the Mander Centre on Saturday 28th this month 9am till 5pm there's an Artisan fair going on, and I will have some new things on offer so don't miss out see you there!. .  L  x


August 29th . . .

Yippy!!!!!! . . . I''m soooooo happy and excited My Daughter Chloe is coming Home she's been in America for the last 4 months working as a Camp Counselor in Alabama and Philadelphia then traveled to 5 different states on holiday . . . HOW EXCITING for her! i'd love to do that,  Oh i've missed her so much and we're very very proud of her she's done so well, she has Type 1 Diabetes (diagnosed 10 years ago 2009) But she hasn't let that stop her and she's loved every minute and she's going to do it all over again next year for 5 months this time, very pleased for her living life to the fullest but i miss her sooooo much, I made this cake for here for when she came home it's a Story book cake with lots of her pictures on it too x


August 4th . . .

Helloloooo August! 

What have you in store for us this year? 

Well last month I started my journey on a Better healthier eating plan 

as in i needed to change a few things like . . . 

1) Lower my Carb intake

2) Lower my Calorie intake

3) Trying to eat within a set time like between 9.30 / 10am and 

6.30 / 7.30pm (sometimes hard when working late)

4) Eat more fish (salmon) good for your brain omega 3 and all that 

5) And just trying to move more like dancing around my house more 


And I highly recommend Misty Tripoli on Instagram and Facebook 

to Dance to she's fab!

And I already choose Low fat options where possible just like I do when 

i cook for you lovely lot. . . . Sooooo I'm doing alright with it and I've found out how carbs affect your body It's amazing actually, so yeah all is good AND I've lost 8lb so woopy! fab will update you next month 

have a good day peps! L x


July 31st . . .

Hey ya'll . . .  Time to draw the prize draw and what a response! wow! thanks so much for all the shares we've had nearly 150 new likes on our page, so I've decided when we reach 1000 likes I'll have to come up with something very special for you guys! cos you're great!!!!! 

Anyhow let's get on with this draw . . .  Drum roll!!!!!! . . . . And the WINNER is . . .  Jacob Jones!!!!!! woohoo! 

Well done Jacob and thank you that Cookery set will be on it's way to you asap, I'll be in touch, and thank you all so very for showing your support and entering the competition, look out for more . . . . x


July 24th . . .

What an AMAZING Day we had it Wolverhampton Mander Centre on Saturday 20th July it was Space theme day and I was there with my Craft table all set up for a great day and that we had we even had some little space cadets all dressed up they looked great just have a look at the pictures below . . .  Thank you for all that came to see us we always love seeing you till next time (which i think is Halloween!!!! ) see you soon take care Lorraine x


July 13th . . .

Hey Ya'll did you enjoy the Newsletter ??? 

lots of goodies inside for you, hope you liked them . . .  

So just a little reminder of the Discount i sent the code is "10%newsletter" and you can use it on 

* Novelty Cakes

* Cupcakes

* Workshops

* Parties

that will take place by the end of October 2019

And for

* Wedding Cakes that will take place by the end of August 2020  (1 Year) just contact me with your requirements and quote the discount code thanks L x


July 1st . . . 

Breaking News! . . . . Drum roll please . . . I'm about to send my very first NEWSLETTER out to all you lovely people who have sent me your emails 

"Thank you" lots of goodies on it's way to you as we speak . . . If you haven't already send me your email and i will add you to my List. . .

Just to let you all know I'm going to be the Wolverhampton Mander Centre again on Saturday 20th July 10 am till 4pm to Celebrate 50 years since the first human to land on the moon! there's going to be VR experiences, a planetarium and of course my Craft table full of Spacey stuff goings on so come along and It's all FREE! yey! . . . See you there! L x

July's Competition time!!!!!

All you have to do is . . . 

1) Share my Facebook or Instagram of both to your page 

2) Tag 3 of your friends in it 

3) Tag me in it too so i can thank you! 

That's it and you can win this . . . A lovely Stainless steel Cookery set for your little one who knows they could be the next Jamie Oliver  

so get tagging and good luck (it will be drawn at the end of July ) you can find it on my FB and Insta also on the Newsletter . . .x


June 25th . . .

Something NEW coming for July keep your eyes peeled! x


June  12th. . .

Healthy eating!. . . what are we doing wrong????? 

With everything we have going on in our lives it's so hard sometimes to get it right, form emotional eating to peer pressure and not to mention boredom, temptations and lack of time to prepare a healthy good meal 

i mean who has 3 hours every meal time to do that ??? Right ???? . . .  Welllll I may have some answers for you ok lets go . . . 

1) Bulk Cooking . . . I have such a busy schedule running your own Business is so demanding if i don't put the long hours in "I don't get paid" but i still want to have good meals for me and my family so i have to try to do what i can, don't get me wrong it doesn't always work out for me but that's life we have to still try Yes! 

so pick a day even half a day and bulk cook, my typical bulk cook day consists of 3 big pots on the stove one with my authentic Italian pasta sauce which can be used for spaghetti or lasagna, one with my Italian pasta broth and one with mincemeat for a shepards pie or a hearty beef stew, I prepare everything all the chopping etc then cook all day or for however long i have a slow cooker is great for this you can leave it on for hours and like my Italian pasta sauce that needs to be cooking for at least 4+ hours (you can do a much quicker one but it won't taste nowhere near as nice) then just put them in tubs and freeze until you need them, with the mincemeat all you need to do is boil some potatoes, mash them and add to the defrosted mincemeat and bake, likewise with the pasta sauce you just need to boil pasta and voila you have a great meal. 

2) When doing any foods always choose lower fat options where possible after a few days of choosing them you won't taste the difference if at all, but it will make a difference to you

3) Little things like only buttering one side of a sandwich again once filled with your choice of fillings you won't even know.

4) The obvious one, grill everything even things that normally are fried try baking them I did this with my Arancini and they still tasted good and look how much i've saved on not deep fat frying them. . . Result x

There's more things you can do the possibilities are endless, and don't forget I offer full workshops on Home Cooking where you can learn all these kind of skills and much more not to mention learning fabulous recipes so get in touch for information thanks look forward to seeing you Lorraine x  



Cheese sauce packet (made up according to instuctions) or jar

Pasta sheets 

Aubergine (eggplant) sliced lengthways 

Courgettes (zucchini)


tin of tomatoes 

tube of tomato puree 

onions chopped 

garlic chopped 

spices: all purpose seasoning, pinch salt, rosemary, parsley, paprika

salad of your choice 

Method: Fry chopped  courgette, onions and garlic in a little olive oil, add mincemeat and the spices fry till browned, add tin of tomato fill tin with water and add that too, then add tomato puree and stir let that simmer for as long as you can, gently fry sliced aubergines in pan then when your sauce is ready layer with pasta sheets, aubergine slices and cheese sauce then bake in oven 180 degrees for about 20 mins or until brown on top and pasta is soft, 5 min before its done you can add some grated cheese and a big fresh sliced tomato on top if you wish (you can also add mushrooms, peppers, carrots anything you like to this dish either sliced and layer therm like the pasta sheets or you could chop them small a great way to get kids to eat  their veg they won't even know they are there) enjoy with a juicy salad .


May . . . Time out . . .

Hi all sorry i haven't posted for a while sadly we lost one of the most important amazing man in our lives . . . mio papa (my Dad) in April we are heartbroken. Although I have spoken to my Dad about the Business and what i want to do and he advised me on certain things and we made plans about foods etc I so wished he could of seen whats in store for our famiglia business a lot of it in honor of him with the opening of Sorrentis Coffee house which we are hoping to do that this year just as soon as we find the right location . . . I know he would be so proud of me and what i have accomplished and it's thanks to my Dad and Mom i am who i am today, so i know i have to keep moving forward, which i am doing, I just needed some time out i will forever love and miss you my dear Dad god bless, have sweet dreams, love ya! ring me if you need me . . . buonanotte papa ti amo sempre e per sempre XxxxX

1st April . . .

crafty bakes

A Big Congratulations to Kate (KC's Beauty Basement) on Winning the Box of Cupcakes! Thank you so much for your lovely review and glad you enjoyed them . . .  Yippy! . . . Thank you to everyone who entered our Competition really appreciate it take care see you soon


10th March . . .

So I have a Competition! for you . .  All you have to do is go to my Facebook and Instagram pages Like, Leave Comments and share as many posts to as many places as you can and tag people if you want to as well, at the end of the month I will tally up who has shared the most and you will WIN A BOX OF 6 CUPCAKES!!!!! Woohoo!!! so quick get sharing ! x 

Hello March . . .

Well you certainly have been keeping me busy this month guys haven't you ! . . . So many Cake orders I haven't been able to do many Workshops, but I have now put some new ones together including Cupcake decorating, Gorgeous meals in my Cookery classes and some Crafty goings on in the Craft classes please take a look they will be on the Workshop page on here or you can find them on my Facebook and Instagram pages too just search for Crafty Bakes at Sorrentis . . . Thanks see you soon

22nd February . . .

Yey !!!!! We have 6 Winners for the Midweek madness Cook Books, I'll be contacting you very soon well done and thank you for entering my prize draw . . .  Till next time  x


16th February . . .


Hi guys, Midweek madness  6 Winners will win a Cook Book! all the details are on my Facebook page please pop over there to Enter! Draw will be on Thursday 21st Good luck !! xx  


2nd February . . .

Celebrating my Birthday today with family and friends had such a good day thank you all lots of love XxxxX


19th January . . .

And we're back in the Mander Centre Wolverhampton for our Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatters Tea Party where we will be Decorating Cupcakes! . . . I will be the Queen of hearts for the day so come and join us for some Mad hatters fun and games see you there!!!!

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 2019 . . . 3th January  . . .

cake flowers

  Welcome to 2019 Everyone! Today I'm Flower Making . . . Sugar style!!!!!

  Lovely sugar Peonies, Roses and Statement Roses aren't they gorgeous!

  have a lovely day . . .


20th December . . .

I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a fantastic new year . . . Hope all your wishes comes true . . .  see you in the new year!!!. . . x

16th December . . .

What a lovely day we had in the Mander Centre Wolverhampton today I organised a Workshop Decorating Christmas cookies we had Gingerbread men and Stars and had so much fun and the Kids were great so glad everyone enjoyed themselves. . . Just take a look. . .x

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   15th December 2019 . . .

    So who's ready for a Unicorn Party!!! . . . We had so much fun making a Unicorn note book, Decorated a 

    Cupcake unicorn style of course and made a unicorn candy cup full of yummy candy floss and sweeties! . . .            Lovely. . . x

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Hello and Welcome to day one of my new blog! . . .  I look forward to chatting and meeting with you in the near future thanks lorraine x 

Lots of pictures for you to see on our sliding bars like this one below . . .

Contact us for more information on the cakes we create and the classes we put on for customers in Wolverhampton.

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