Our Menu. . .

Hi. . . do you fancy something nice to eat? want to treat yourself or someone eles? maybe you want a Friday or Saturday night Take out? do you have an Event or Celebration coming up and need Catering for it, take a look at Our Foods and Cakes Menu below and let us make your life a little bit better. . .

Wedding showers
Hen or stag doo's
Baby showers
Baby reveal
Life celebrations/Remembrance
Office Work Meeting/Conference etc

And any other Occasion you can think of . . . We have you covered with different packages to suit your Event and budget please get in contact at let Crafty Bakes at Sorrentis Cater for all your needs . . . let us know your requirements and we'll be only to happy to put a Free quotation together for you, and Deliver it to your door/Work Place etc, thank you look forward to hearing from you Lorraine

Covering Wolverhampton West Midlands and surrounding areas

Our Cheesecake range!

*Cannoli Cheesecake with Cannoli on top of Chantilly cream swirls with fresh Strawberries ,chocolate drops & cannoli crumbs on top (brand new flavour!)
*Easter mini eggs
*Kinder Bueno
*White choc Terry's orange
& Strawberries & Strawberry drip
*Cadburys Cream egg
*Oreo loaded with more Oreo!
*Lindor with kiwi, pomegranate and white choc
*Mint chocolate Aero
*Bisoff with Caramel drip
*Chocolate chunks with fresh cream swirls i.e. Wispa, Twirl, Crunchy, Buttons, Kinder bueno etc. . .

All Cheesecakes will be

6" 8" 10" wide and 4" tall approx and Starting from £18 for 6" and £27 for 8" £38 for 10" and square one 9 x 9" from £37 please get in touch with your requirements and final quote, spots are very limited


(need to be eaten within a few hours so the shell is still crispy and doesn't go soft, so for best results order for the time that you need them for please)

Medium size
Minimum order of 12 where you can have 2 different flavors and are £15 per box

Large size
Minimum order of 6 with 1 flavour and are £15 per box

flavours we have are

*Strawberries 'n' Cream (new)
*Ricotta cheese with choc chunks
*Cinnamon cheesecake
*Devil's chocolate ganache
*Sicilian Lemon buttercream
*Creme Chantilly

All edged with either

*Choc drops
*Freeze dried Raspberries
*Crystallized candied mixed fruit
*Mixed chopped nuts

Or a mix of edges?

And dusted with confectioners sugar

Afternoon tea chest

3 finger sandwich choose Any 3 from
*Cheese and caramelised onion
*Tuna mayo and cucumber
*Egg mayo and chives
On white, brown or both bread?
*Freshly made scone with jam clotted cream and butter
*Decorated cupcake
*Cheesecake pot
*Fruit pot

*Salad pot
*Mini pork pie
*Small bag of crisps
*Chocolate covered strawberry sprinkled with love
*tea or green tea, coffee, milk, sugar etc. I have decaf if needed please let me know if you do, and they are all wrapped in individual wrappers
*mini bottle of prosecco included.

Sicilian platter

*Ciabatta sandwich tomato, basil and mozzarella
*Crostini/bruschetta (two slices of toasted ciabatta drizzled with olive oil) yum!
*homemade salsa pot (to put on your Crostini/bruschetta)
*A mini Italian meats, grapes and cheese block platter
*fruit pot
*salad pot
*basil and tomato quiche
*Italian breadsticks wrapped in prosciutto
*Sicilian Cannoli
*Chocolate covered strawberry
*tea or green tea, coffee, (decaf if needed)
Milk, sugar all individually wrapped
*mini bottle of red, white or rose wine or prosecco included.

The Afternoon tea chest and Sicilian platters are £21 per person
When ordering please give information of the following:
* Which one you want ?
* When for ?

* For the Afternoon tea chests - What your Sandwich selection is and which bread (brown, white or a mix)
* What wine you want

Arancini (arborio rice ball's)

I put my authentic Sicilian homemade sauce that's cooked for over 4 hours and mozzarella inside them
They are around 7cm in diameter, they can vary in size a little as I make them by hand so very rustic
minimum order is 12

12 arancini for £23
24 arancini for £43 (buy two batches save £3)

They come with a pot of my homemade Sicilian Sauce to warm up and dip your arancini in . . . Yum X

Choux Buns

Yummy Chantilly Cream Choux pastry buns topped with Chocolate with or without Strawberry/Raspberry
Or. . No Chocolate and just Strawberry/Raspberry and icing sugar
Your choice! . . .
If you want a sauce inside choc, strawberry or lemon please let me know

Box of 6 only £15

Finger rolls Iced or Chocolate

Filled with tasty Chantilly cream and jam a classic of a dessert can be topped with Icing or Chocolate can also have edible flowers and/or Gold Leaf for that extra special touch please let me know . . .
Box of 6 only £15


*Please let me know if you don't want a flavoured centre . . . .
Most popular flavours are

*Vanilla with a jam centre
*Sicilian lemon with lemon curd centre
*Chocolate decadence with chocolate ganache centre
*Rose water flavour with edible flowers

It's best to contact me with your requirements so I can give you a more accurate quote but some guideline are below . . .
Buttercream swirl and sprinkles start from £2 each
Double toppers (buttercream swirl and fondant disc) with sweet stamp print and decorated with Sugar Crafted items etc Start from £3.00 each
More options available please get go touch X

Celebration big Cakes

Please take a look on my website at www.sorrentis.co.uk
for all the details of sizes and prices please let me know if you need anything thanks X


Size approx 9cm
A box of 6 with 1 flavour are £13
A box of 12 with up too 2 flavors £25
they all come with individual pots of butter and jam, clotted cream , Philadelphia or nutella (depending on what I have in stock at the time)

Flavors are :
*Chocolate chip
*Cheese (savoury) and yum! especially with cream cheese warm out the oven!

NOTE: They can be kept for 2/3 days in an airtight container at room temperature or up to 1 week wrapped in foil in the fridge, but personally I think they are the best warm out of the oven! You can wrap them in foil and pop them back in oven for a few mins to just "awaken" them, then enjoy!

Iced Sticky Buns

Filled with Chantilly cream and fruit puree in the middle, choose from

*Strawberry jam
*Sicilian Lemon

Topped with plain Icing or Chocolate and sprinkles of magic!
Min order is 6 for £15 

Cheesecake Pots

Delectable Sicilian Amaretto crunch base and flavours to choose from are Plain or Cinnamon cheesecake or Cannoli cream

Topped with
*Sicilian lemon

Minimum order of 6 Pots with 1 flavour for £10

Shortcrust pastry Tartlets

Start with the base:

Then Piped with
*Chantilly cream or
*Cannoli cream

Adorned with and lots of Yummies like 

*Fresh Strawberries
*Chocolate (white, milk, dark)
*Freeze dried Raspberries
*Mixed nuts
*Candied fruits
Also can be finished elegantly with Gold Leaf
Minimum order 6 £15

Sausage rolls

Juicy Pork and Leek sausage wrapped in flaky puff pastry
Foot long £7
6" box of 4 £15

Scotch eggs

Juicy Pork and Leek sausage wrapped around a boiled egg and then bread crumbed, box of 6 £13

Bacon and Cheese Wraps

Freshly Baked, keep them for up to 3 days in a container or eat all at once . . :)
Cheese and tomato puff pastry wraps (vegetarian) £13 for a box of 6
Bacon and cheese puff pastry Wraps £15 for a box of 6
Bacon, cheese and tomato Puff pastry Wraps £15 for a box of 6

Brownie Box

A box of 9 mouth smacking Brownies wrapped up for you with a mixture of toppings from

*Freeze dried Raspberries
*Chopped nuts
*Choc chips

And drizzles of sauces on top choose from

* Toffee
* Strawberry

* Sicilian lemon
* Raspberry
* Chocolate

Get yours now only £12 each box

Treat boxes

Very popular as you can fill it with anything and everything (well almost lol)
Just have a look through my menu see what you fancy and also there's some pictures on this post and just let me know I.e. éclairs, scones, cannoli, sweet buns, Cheesecake pots, Choux buns etc mix and match . . .

*Prices range from £15 upwards depending how much you want so just let me know . . . Thanks x

As with all my goodies they come gift wrapped so perfect for gifts for someone, as well as for yourself

Lasagne (pasta)

Homemade Lasagne with Cheesy Garlic bread in a large deep 9" x 9" tray with approx 9/10 slices of Cheesy Garlic Bread to dunk in. . .
Both mixed with melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese and my famiglia pasta sauce past down to me from my Sicilian nonna
Can be cut into 6 large portions of
(4.5" x 3") or 9 medium portions of
(3" x 3") and can also be cut and frozen to use at a later date all you have to do is defrost and heat thoroughly in the oven. . . All that for £30

Cannelloni (pasta)

Homemade Cannelloni comes in a large deep 9" x 9" tray choose from
Two different varieties
a) Minced Beef
b) Vegetarian Spinach and ricotta
Both mixed with melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese and my famiglia pasta sauce past down to me from my Sicilian nonna
Can be cut into 6 large portions of
(4.5" x 3") or 9 medium portions of
(3" x 3") and can also be cut and frozen to use at a later date all you have to do is defrost and heat thoroughly in the oven. . . £30

Deliveries and Payments: 

I offer Free delivery within 2 miles and 50p per mile thereafter round trip or you can collect them, if you need delivery please send your full address so I can work out if there's any delivery charge then I'll send you my bank details for you to make payment, your booking will be secure and in my diary once full payment has been made 

Thank you if there's something you'd like but isn't here please get in touch many regards Lorraine x